"Entrepreneurship is the last refuge of the trouble making individual." -- Natalie Clifford Barney

Steel Horse

Steel Horse

Steel Horse is a coordinated collaboration of several activities that address a need within our small but growing grassroots community.

Through its growth, It has encompassed the Insurance, Legal and Promotion aspect of our related interest.

Steel Horse Insurance is the Insurance arm of Shades of Chrome. They offer competitive rates on Motorcycle insurance and more.

Staffed by several independent licensed insurance agents that ride motorcycles they are bar none the real deal.

You can read more about Steel Horse Insurance HERE.

Steel Horse Legal is the Legal arm of Shades of Chrome.They all ride motorcycles and understand the inner workings of being involved in litigation.

Backed by some of the best Attorneys, they can assist with many legal problems including motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, product liability and more.

You can read more about Steel Horse Legal HERE.

Steel Horse Promotions is the promotions arm of Shades of Chrome. Set up exclusively for Bikersinc, their only job is to assist donors and sponsors.

With their huge internet reach, guerrilla marketing team and their know how of motorcycle media any sponsor that accepts their terms are bound to be elevated.

You can read more about Steel Horse Promotions HERE.