"Entrepreneurship is the last refuge of the trouble making individual." -- Natalie Clifford Barney

Media Marketing

Take Social Media Marketing to a whole new level with an advertising campaign from Shades of Chrome. You will not find a more targeted audience for your Motorcycle Shop, Night Club, Band or even you Tattoo business than the many visitors on our growing websites.

We have the reach for your brand to succeed

Our current reach from our managed websites is well over 1,000,000 page views a month with most coming from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram and much more. Take a ride on the wild side and find out 1st hand why we are tops in Guerrilla Media Marketing.

Whom we welcome as advertisers:

Independent Motorcycle Shops
Biker Friendly Bars and Lodging
Tattoo Shops and Vape Shops
Online Motorcycle Parts
Motorcycle Rentals and Tours
Legal & Insurance Services
Music Shops, Musicians* and Bands*
*Unsigned bands may qualify for music play on Wild Hog Radio

How links are accessed:

Anyone that comes to our websites are able to click on a link and go directly where the ad is linked up at. What this means is anyone can access the posted advertisements on the pages without being a member!

Suppose someone just came here by another link or website and seen your product and thought "I like that" and they click on your advertisement, they will go straight where you want it to! This can be a website, Facebook page, event, location, a product that you are wanting to sell or even another link.

Links and banners can be displayed on all our websites for an additional fee and the package is pretty reasonable.

Some of the sites where we can promote:

Biker Switchboard
Midwest Biker Events
Real Chopper
Wild Hog Radio