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Steel Horse Promotions

Steel Horse Promotions specializes in event consulting and promotions mostly for the Motorcycle and Music industries. We are proud to serve our community through many works of charity and committed relationships with charitable organizations. We serve the greater Midwest region and we call the Indianapolis metropolitan area our home base.

Steel Horse Promotions - Indianapolis, Indiana



We have decades of experience attending, managing and organizing motorcycle related events and know what it takes to make an event successful and one that will draw attendance year after year. Our team of professionals can put your event on the map with expert marketing and public relations.


Combined with our web services we can promote your event via your dedicated event website and social media outlets, enable online registration of participants, allow for online donations to your charity, and provide media and public relations assistance.

We can observe your event advertising and marketing campaigns, attend your event, and interview attendees to provide a comprehensive event evaluation and help you strategize improvements for your next event.

Whether a brand new event, a onetime fundraiser, or an existing event, Steel Horse Promotions can help you take it to the next level.

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