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Growing your business using Social Media

Indianapolis, IN (2018) — Social media for business is a very powerful strategy to generate new business, showcase your brand and can even drive traffic to your website. Many people view social media as just a channel to connect with friends or family but social media can significantly benefit business to business (B@B) when used properly.

In today's world, a solid social media presence is necessary

In fact, social media produced almost double the marketing leads of  our customers motorcycle shows and their music events, and pay-per-click campaigns. Social media lead conversion rates are also 13 percent higher than the average lead conversion rate. This goes to show that social media is a very important channel for B2B and technology brands.

Case Study: Wild Hog Radio
It may be difficult for some people to believe our social media tactics can drive real business results but we’ve helped several companies experience the power of social media first hand. For example, we implemented a carefully designed set of social media tactics for our client Wild Hog Radio, a leading internet radio station.

Wild Hog Radio exploded in listeners and social media due to our media marketing strategies   

We scoured the interwebs for like minded stations, studied market share of the target base, suggested color schemes and set up their social media accounts. Just two years into using us as their social media marketer, the radio station has already experienced a significant increase in website traffic from our social media strategies—up 200 percent since the they launched in late 2014.

How to Use Social Media for Business Growth:
Shades of Chrome helps small to medium enterprises and growth-stage businesses integrate social media into PR and marketing programs to build awareness and increase leads. An effective social media for business growth strategy requires a strategic approach.

Here are a few tips for businesses getting started with social media:

Choose Shades of Chrome: 
If you are like most people, when you first launch your social media program, it’s natural to want to dive in and build a presence on every single channel. However, it’s best to start out with just a few channels and master them first to avoid becoming overwhelmed and stretching your resources too thin. When choosing your channels, it’s important to understand the differences between each social media source and keep your audience in mind. This will generate the most meaningful results and ROI for social media.

Integrate Social Media into PR and Marketing Programs:
Social media plays an important role in a multi-channel approach. Social media can amplify the success of content marketing and PR initiatives by exposing your content and placements to a broad audience. For example, you can share your recent New York Times placement with your social media followers to increase your credibility and establish your company as a thought leader through third-party validation. In many ways, the key to success in social media is integration with other marketing channels and initiatives.

Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice:
It’s critical to establish a brand persona that will serve as the foundation for social media conversions across channels. When developing your brand voice, be sure to tailor it to your key audiences and their interests. With a solid brand voice, you can ensure that content across social media channels is consistent and compelling.

By following these tips, you can leverage social media for business growth and maximize your impact. It’s important to track and measure the results of your social media initiatives to make improvements down the road. By monitoring website traffic from social media channels and engagement levels on each post, you can adjust your social media strategy to further improve ROI.