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Motorcycles On Main Street

Motorcycles On Main Street: This was originally created to be an event on Main Street in Beech Grove, Indiana.

When the Non-profit Bikersinc relocated from the Fort Benjamin Harrison area to Main Street in Beech Grove, they wanted to do a fundraiser on the 1st Monday every Month and they offered the city an event that could draw in some decent crowds and new business.

Since Main Street is pretty much closed on Mondays except for a few taverns and one restaurant, they knew parking would not be a problem.

Motorcycles could line the street and partake in what the small city offered. But, since the city council and most businesses in Beech Grove are not hip with motorcycles and such, they said "No way in hell are we going to allow this in our City", so they went about their business and moved on.

The event is on hiatus until Bikersinc relocates to a more motorcycle friendly town in the Summer of 2019 and they kick it off, we know this is going to be a kick ass event for any town.

You can visit their website at MotorcyclesOnMain.com and follow them on Facebook below.