"Entrepreneurship is the last refuge of the trouble making individual." -- Natalie Clifford Barney

Steel Horse Promotions

Steel Horse Promotions specializes in Internet marketing and Event Consulting mostly for the Motorcycle and Music industries.

We are proud to serve our community through many works of charity and committed relationships with charitable organizations. We are based in Indianapolis, Indiana and serve the greater Midwest.

All collected monies are donated straight to charity. 



We have decades of experience attending, managing and organizing motorcycle related events and know what it takes to make an event a success and one that will draw attendance year after year.

Bike Nites
We are bar none the local experts in setting a "Bike Nite" event for your establishment. We can assist with choosing food and drink specials, parking advise, schedules of competing places, flyer design and media marketing.

For bike nites here in Indianapolis we have IndyBikeNites.com where we post and for a special bike nite, we have IndyBikeNite.com (Currently Forwarded Here) that is available for lease to forward to your event.

Biker Events
If you have something in the Midwest that is a weekend or longer then we can assist with that as well. With our reach your event can get maximum exposure on our events calender. Read more at: MidwestBikerEvents.com
If you have something outside the Midwest then we have you covered there as well. To see the reach we have in the United States, then visit our growing cool calendar at: AmericanBikerEvents.com

Music Events
We love good music and it shows with what we do 24/7. We helped setup a Indiana based internet radio station that plays rock & roll so having a 30 second or longer shout out is not out of the question. You can see their station at: WildHogRadio.com and they have a pretty cool event calendar just for music at: MidwestMusicEvents.net

Combined with web site services, we can straighten out wrong facebook profiles and turn them into business pages and provide media and public relations assistance.

Tax Write Off
When you have Steel Horse Promotions assist with your event or campaign, you do not pay us rather you donate to a Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation. All monies collected go to Bikersinc Incorporated, our Non-Profit of choice. Visit their website at: Bikersinc.org