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Facebook removing verified badges from pages

Badlands of Indiana (October 17, 2019) — Facebook is removing the gray verified badges meant to show Page authenticity starting October 29. Page owners will begin seeing notices via their Page this week. The decision was based on feedback from users who were unclear what the gray badge represented, Facebook said.

Gray verified badges on Facebook business pages will be removed

This update will only apply to gray verified Page badges on the platform. Facebook’s blue verified badge for public figures, media companies and brands will remain.

“Based on feedback, we’re removing the gray badge and focusing on other ways for businesses to show their authenticity on Facebook,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

The grey badges, which were gained via an application process, were primarily used by SMBs to prove their Page’s legitimacy.

Page owners will see this notice on the top of their pages

Why we should care
Facebook’s gray verified pages offered small businesses an easy way to verify their Page actually belonged — and was being managed — by the company, same as Facebook’s blue verified badges work for public figures, media companies and brands. Now that the badges are being removed from the platform, marketers will need to put forth extra effort to prove their Page’s authenticity — and keep an eye out for any other Pages claiming to be connected to their company.

To prove Page authenticity going forward, Facebook recommends Page Admins make sure their Page profile is complete with up-to-date information, a profile picture and correct contact information. It also encourages Page owners post regularly since an active Page shows the company is still in business.

The gray badges, which were available to all Page owners, were first introduced in 2015.