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Creating Facebook business pages

Badlands of Indiana (December 11, 2018) — Today we can see a huge trend of growing up a business in the social media. In our case, it`s Facebook and today we have more than 50 million of business accounts there. People advertise their services, sell goods, create personal blogs and advertise other products.

However, if you have a business and want to advertise it through Facebook, you must create your own Facebook business page. Sometimes people don`t understand why they need it and what advantages they can get from it. In this article, we will tell you about basic steps in creating your personal business page.

Why we need Facebook business page?
Many developers who have just started their Facebook activity don`t care about business profiles, so they advertise their products through the personal accounts. It`s not very good because you need to create posts about your business and posts about your everyday life (where you were on the last weekend, what are you thinking about right now etc.). It`s hard to mix such things in one account, so it will be easier for you to have an extra profile dedicated to your business.

So, now let`s go through all important points of creating a Facebook business page.

Select your business category
There are six main business categories that could be chosen for your business profile:

1. Local business or place
2. Company, organization or institution
3. Brand or product
4. Artist, brand or public figure (if you are a blogger, you should choose this category).
5. Entertainment
6. Cause or community

It`s important to choose the right category for your business, because each of them has a list of specific features, which may help you during your work.

For example, if you choose “Local business or place”, you will be able to collect Facebook reviews from customers. At this time, if your priority is to get check-ins, it`s better to choose “Company, Institution or Organization”.

Fill in all information about your business
Here we must give our customers detailed information about things that they could get from us. 

We should add some facts about the business (it is stabilized, successful and have already reached some core milestones). 

You should also have your own customized URL. With it, user don`t have problems with finding and entering your account. 

There also should be a link to your business page (website or blog). Don`t forget about your location. With this information, customers will know that your business is not fake.

Select the right images
In the next step our task is to decorate our business page. When people open the profile, the first thing they see is a company`s logo. Of course, it should have a perfect look, so your task is to optimize image to normal size and get good background photo. If you can do a photo on your own, it`s much better than searching for an optimal image in the Internet.

Choose right call-to-action
This point depends on your business targets and objectives, so you can choose the most optimal variant. There are main call-to-action examples:

1. Book now
2. Call now
3. Contact us
4. Send message
5. Download an app
6. Sign up
7. Send an email

Choose your target audience
You should know who you will be working with, so you should control your audience. With the help of Facebook analysis, you will be able to check you overall profile activity (number of likes, shares and comments that people made. Then look through all page visitors and choose the most active of them. This is your target audience, and starting from this moment you should orientate on them.

So, there you go. These are some basic tips for creating a workable Facebook business page. We hope you enjoyed the information.